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Malina Corpadean spent her childhood years in Romania. Once arrived in Canada, she pursued studies in photography and discovered her passion for fashion, art and all things pertaining to beauty. Extensive travels honed and fed her various interests in art, music, design as well as her taste level.

She continued her studies in Art History at McGill University and Art Business at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Her passion drew her into the world of fashion, becoming one of Canada’s premier photographers. Her academic pursuit of and fascination with the arts have always informed her visual choices. In 2012, she won the P&G Photographer of the Year Award and more recently earned a CAFA nomination for Image-Maker of the year.

Along with her deep knowledge and love for art, her extensive experience dealing with brands in the fashion industry gives her a unique advantage and in-depth understanding of both the commercial and creative concerns that must co-exist in successful commercial campaigns.